How to age paper - To give paper an aged/antique look.

1. Turn your oven on to about 450 to preheat,
2. Mix up a 1/2 cup of instant coffee. (the stronger you make it, the more aged
your paper will appear).
3. Lay your paper that you would like to age in your sink, or shallow pan.
4. Pour the coffee slowly over the paper, and let it spread,
5. Gently pick up the paper and lay it flat on a cookie sheet.
6. Turn oven off and put cookie sheet in oven till paper dries.

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Welcome to Mixed Kreations! The place to discover and share ideas on building your own
home based jewelry business. You will find information on how to market and sell your
jewelry, articles, tips, and much more.
I have received the copper
bracelet and I absolutely
LOVE it!  The fit is perfect,
just perfect.
Thank you so much for the
earrings and other bracelet,
too.  So kind of you. What a
great experience this has
L. H.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
hey thankyou for making me a
pair af earings!! theyre
great!!! i also adore the
bracelet!!!! thanks g-maw!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Very informative:)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I love your web page. So
much good information. I will
be back again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have several rings and
bracelets and not only are
they pretty but they help my
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I linda nice to meet you. You
liked my facebook page so I
thought Id come and check
out your work. I have one
word, BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love it
all. Great Job! Check out my
website site, I left you my
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Very informative and useful
site. Also, loads of jewelry in
store.. its surely heaven for
me! keep up the good work.
Wish you great success :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Purchased this item for my
wife and she absolutely loved
it. great craftsmanship, I will
continue to visit your shop
and make future purchases.
Healing Properites of
Stones - Long before
modern day beading,
people have alway been
fascinated with stones.
Therapeutic Healing
With Color
Everyone appreciates the
different colors of healing
stones. But did you know
that healing stones
transmit their power
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Turn Your Jewelry
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Rewarding Business
Jewelry making is a fun
and rewarding hobby,
and the internet offers
so many opportunities
for jewelry artisans to
market and sell their
designs. There are a few
things you will need to
do so that your jewelry
will stand out from all
the others because...
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My first passion was woodcrafts, before I discovered the joy of jewelry making.
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