My Price Matching And Couponing

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I wouldn't have believed that I could find something that I enjoy almost as much as creating things, but I have and it's price matching, and couponing. I love the challenge of seeing how much I can get and save each week.

I have been price matching for a while now. Sometimes I do pretty good and sometimes I only save a few dollars. Buy hey every little bit helps, right?

I'm still learning, in fact I signed up for a Extreme Couponing class sponsored by the star telegram for this Tuesday. I am looking forward to it.

I wanted to share some of my really great shopping trips. The one above was price matching at Walmart.

This shopping trip would of regularly cost me $41.76. But using prices from Family Dollar, HEB, Brookshires, and CVS to price match for a total of $28.96. Then $7.00 in coupons brought it down to $21.96. WooHoo a big savings of $19.80

Regular price for this trip was $43.73, with price matching it was $32.20. With my $2.25 in coupons it brought my total price down to $29.95 with a total savings of $13.78.

This trip the regular price was $24.26 price matching brought it down to $15.98, with $1.50 coupon the total was $14.48 with a total saving if $9.78.

This is my two purchases at CVS (my other favorite store). You can really save a lot at CVS by using coupon with the sale item, and earn cash back.

My first purchase was diaper (fifth grand baby due April ). I had to spend at least $20 to earn $5 back. So I bought 3 for a total of $26.97, I got $9 off with my coupons which made my purchase now $17.97, then I received $5 back to spend on my next purchase.

So I turned around and bought 4 bottles of VO5 (hubby's shampoo) 2 for $1.50 , I then received $1 off from my coupons. Which brought it down to $2. Pantene shampoo was on sale, 3 for $10, and I had a $5 of coupon. So now it cost $5. My last item in this purchase was melatonin, buy 1 get 1 free.

This total purchase was $16.99 minus $6.00 in coupons, and minus the $5 earned cash back. Totaling $5.99

The regular price for both purchases would of been $50.95. Buying on sale and using coupons, and earned cash back I spent a total of $23.96 with a total savings of $26.99.

How is that for savings? Takes a little work each week, but I enjoy the challenge. There are some great apps and websites out there that help with the work.

Here is part of my stock pile. Some can goods I stock up on too, like soups, tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes. Things I use a lot of when cooking.

Walmart has a app "Savings Catcher" that does the price matching for you. I use it too just in case I miss something, and I do. I've been using it a little over a month now and I'm up to $22.26

I'll talk more on the savings apps at another time.

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Garage Sale Goodies

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Awesome Finds

Just imagine how thrilled I was when I ran across these great finds at a garage sale. ;-D YAY!!!

I'm usually the one to get there just in time to watch someone else walk away with the great finds.

I paid $25 for 3 wide and 5 narrow solid wood shutters in perfect shape, and $8 for a large basket with a variety of solid wood spindles.

What kind of awesome finds have you found lately on your garage sale ventures?

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A Peek At Our Texas Room

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This is the before pictures of what we now call our Texas room. The walls are painted a dark mauve color, and the floor is a dirty brown carpet.

This is my mother, and behind her is some light colored paneling on lower half of the wall. Above is where I am going to paint a mural of the Texas flag.

Here is our fireplace that wouldn't fit in our master bedroom, so this is it's new home.

Notice the dirty brown carpet is gone, and in it's place is our pretty new floor.

These are the steps that go up into the sunroom. Still need to add the base boards, and stain the front wood molding of the steps to match the wood floor, but hubby says wait till he gets railing up on the right side of steps, so that they are more noticeable.

Our new flat screen TV and table ( love the table).

My hand-painted Texas Flag trash can.

Here is my Texas Flag mural that I painted. Notice that the light colored paneling under the mural is gone. In it's place we put cedar wood slates, and framed out my mural with cedar too. Much better don't you think?

We are going to cover the light colored paneling on the lower part of the bar at the right with corrugated metal. Then trim it out with cedar too. I will post pictures when it's complete.

Still have a little bit left to do, but what do you think of our Texas room so far?

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Homemade Mexican Cornbread Casserole

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Here's a easy recipe that I cook quite often, it's easy and yummy. The best kind! This will make about three meals for the two of us.

Ingredients Needed
1lb. Ground beef or turkey
1 pkg. jiffy cornbread mix
1 cup corn
1 cup shredded cheese
6oz. Can green chilies

Brown your beef or turkey, then spread evenly in a lightly greased 8" x 8" pan.

Sprinkle your corn on top of meat.

Spread your green chilies' on top of the corn.

Now spread your shredded cheese evenly over top of everything.

Mix your cornbread as directed on the box, then drizzle it over the top.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Dish up and enjoy!!!

This is one of my favorite dishes, it's quick and easy, and so good.

Do you have a yummy cornbread casserole dish? If so please share!

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Gemstone Wednesday – Azurite

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Azurite is a dark blue gemstone that you will often find intermingled with Malachite (like the one above) a rich green gemstone, that's found near copper deposits, which give them their colors.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used ground azurite for medicinal purposes and as an dye.

Design Possibilities

The deep bright blue of azurite, and the rich green shades of malachite blend together making a striking combination. Use them in simple settings, giving them center stage so nothing distracts from there beauty

Metaphysical Properties

It is said that azurite promotes and speed up the healing of general wounds, and post operative wounds.

Azurite is believed to soothe the nerves and prevent internal blockage and congestion. It also stimulates the kidneys, therefore detoxifying the body.

Wear azurite to increase concentration, sharpen the sense of justice, eases the process of decision making, and promotes critical thinking.


You can find azurite mined in Morocco, Arizona, Black Forest Germany.

**Please note that the information above is collected from various sources, and is for informational purposes only, not meant to treat medical conditions. Mixed Kreations does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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Vintaj Key Charm And Heart Necklace

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This vintaj necklace is handcrafted by me using natural brass, unakite gemstone nuggets, two different brass chain sizes, vintaj key, heart charms, and brass wire.

I connected Unakite gemstones together with handmade eye pins, and two different sizes of brass chain. One end of the larger chain is connected to the gemstones. Then I connected the other end of gemstones to two pieces of the smaller natural brass chain.

Closure is a brass hook clasp that hooks into the end of the larger chain.

Unakite gemstones are a green stone with flecks of pink. Found in the U.S. and Africa. This stone is believed to promote self-growth and strength.

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