Loving Extreme Couponing

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If you love great deals, and love saving money. Then I highly recommend taking a extreme couponing class if you ever get a chance. I am so happy I went, it is so exciting seeing how much money I can save each week, and how much stuff I get cheap cheap.

These are my extreme couponing deals for the last couple weeks.

This first picture is my deals from price matching at Walmart. I didn't have any coupons.
4 boxes of Cheez It reg. price $10
Price match $7.96 saved $2.04
4 cans of Corn reg. $3.56
Price match $1.96
Chuck roast 2.30 lbs. reg $13.71
Price match $6.88
Before $27.27 After $16.80 That's a $10.47 savings.

Next is my CVS purchase.
Lipton tea bags 100 count reg. $5.29ea. Sale 2 for $6,
Skippy peanut butter reg. $3.49ea.
Sale 2 for $4.
Spend $10 get $3 earned cash back.
Reg $17.56 Saved $7.56, coupons $1.75 for a total of $9.31, and I received $3 ECB to spend on next purchase, bringing it down to $6.31 and I had a $2 ECB to go towards this purchase. My grand total for this purchase $4.31

The Tabasco I actually bought at Walmart for $1 and I had a $1 off coupon. So it was Free. WooHoo my first freebie ;-D

This one is another trip to CVS. I received a CVS coupon for $3 off the purchase of three boxes of kleenex.
3 boxes of Kleenex $4.47 minus $3 coupon and stacking a $1 manufacture coupon on top, this trip cost me 47 cents plus 4 cents tax .51

Now some may think I'm using that much in gas to get these deals. But actually I hardly ever make a special trip. I pass most of these stores on a daily basis, or when I go to my mothers.

So I start doing my homework as soon as I receive my sales papers, and have everything ready for when I will be going by one of the stores.

Now sometimes I do miss out on a great deal because I don't hit the stores as soon as I receive the sales papers.

Now this next trip got me really excited. I hardly ever go to Albertsons but I was going to see my mother and going right by there.

This sale had already been going on for 5 days so it was pretty picked over on some of the things I wanted, but I did great.

Albertsons was having a sale where you spend $15.00 on participating products and save $5.00 instantly.

Axe shower gel Reg. $ $4.99ea.
Sale price 2/$7.00 for 16oz.
Suave Professional Infusion Shampoo Reg. $3.49
Sale 2/$5.00 for 12.6oz.
Tresemme Shampoo Reg. $4.99
Sale 2/$7.00 for 32 oz.
Reg. Total Price $26.94
Total Sale $19.00
Then I got an extra $5.00 off for spending $15.00
Which now brings it down to $14.00
I had $9.00 in coupons
Brings it down to $5.00 + .41 cents in tax
Total $5.41
I saved $21.54 on this trip

I bet you can see why I am so excited now. This is addicting to me, just like crafting.

Last one is on my trip to Kroger, again on the way to my mothers. No coupons on this trip.

Took me a while to figure out the break down of this receipt. But I think I finally got it.
Delmonte can tomatoes Reg $1.59ea. Bought 10 Reg. price $15.90
Sale $.79ea. Total sale price $7.90
Soup Reg $1.35ea. Bought 8 total Reg. $10.80
Sale $.99ea. Total sale price $7.92
Chex Mix Reg. $2.69ea. Bought 2 total Reg.price $5.38
sale $1.49 Total sale price $2.98

Buy 10 of participating items receive another $.50 off each. I bought 20 items, saved another $10
Total reg. price purchase $32.08
Total Sale price $18.80
Total Extreme sale price when buying 10 participating items $8.80
That's a total savings of $23.28 That's a 72% savings!

Pretty cool Huh?

When extreme couponing, you have to change the way you buy groceries. You want to buy when the item is at it's lowest price, and use your coupon then. Before I was buying when it first went on sale. Then I noticed that most things go on sale again before the coupon expires, and it's usually at a lower price.

You also want to buy in bulk and stock up on items you use regularly like, tooth paste, shampoo, detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex. And for me can tomatoes, and certain types of soup. Cereal is another good one, but we don't eat much cereal. But I have seen it as low as $1.18 a box when adding a coupon, and cereal is not cheap.

If you have any questions please let me know, I'm still learning but I will be more then happy to help in any way.

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Rustic Key To My Heart

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Here's a easy project I made using one of the many keys I've been collecting.

All you will need for this project is 12" piece of wood (I used a cedar fence slate), acrylic paint turquoise and white, wire, pliers, and wire cutter.

Dry brush your turquoise paint on your wood lightly, you don't want to cover it all.

Let the wood show through.

Draw or trace a heart on the wood.

Paint the heart white.

Position your key over the heart.

Wrap your wire haphazardly around the wood while holding your key in place. Make however many wraps you want.

Flip your wood over, and using your pliers twist the wire to hold it in place.

Cut the ends off and tuck wire end under.

What do you think? Got any good project ideas for my other keys?
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Our Mini Antiquing Trip

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We got back from our little mini vacation on Monday. We had lots of fun shopping, and antiquing at Fredricksburg, and the other small surrounding towns on the way there and back.

We didn't go crazy, but we did buy a few things.

For the whole trip I was on the lookout for a old chair in good shape. I finally found this one on the way back home, just outside of Glenrose. I want to make this neat towel rack that I seen on Pinterest (made from an old chair) for our master bath.

I also found some large metal keys, a metal can with a stars, and a couple pretty glass hearts.

This beautiful quilt was my big purchase, I found it in Fredricksburg.

My hubby found some more cowhides that he had to have. This one he put on the ottoman.

And this one is a table runner for the fireplace.

The picture below is the receipt of probably the most expensive meal I've ever had. Now for some it's probably nothing, but for me I about had a cow. I knew when there wasn't any prices for the steak (it said priced at market value) that it would me high. But WOW! I've always been a little conservative, (hubby has always said that I'm a cheap date). You can take me to Taco Bueno and I'm happy. But I must say the food was excellent.

There was a cup of cabbage soup that came with the meal, we had two. It was so delicious, I wish I had the recipe.

Well the food was so good and so much of it that I got a to-go box to take with me. Determine I was going to eat it all (especially at that price). Had my husband go get ice at hotel so I could put it on ice to save it till morning. Then I discovered a small refrigerator in the cabinet at the hotel. (I'm like a kid, I have to go through everything in the hotel room).

For breakfast the next morning I had steak and potatoes, and it was as good as the night before. No cabbage soup )-;

Now I'm on the lookout for a good German style cabbage soup recipe. If you know of one please let me know.

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Whimsical Turkey

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3 Day Special!!! Was $18 Now $15 and Free Shipping for 3 days only!

This adorable whimsical turkey needs a loving home. He will be on sale (3 days only) in my Handmade Artist Shop through Sunday. He would cheer up any room with his colorful feathers, and would look great sitting on any counter, table, mantle, etc.

He measures 7 1/4" x 8 1/4"

To give him a home.

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Spicy Sausage Cheese Biscuits

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1 lb. ground. Sausage
4 1/2 cups Bisquick
1 jalapeƱo finely chopped
1/2 cup corn optional
1 1/2 cups cheese

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

First brown your sausage, while it's cooking mix your Bisquick and milk together. Knead it about 10 times.

Drain grease off sausage, then blot it with a paper towel to get excess grease off.

Add sausage to Bisquick mix and blend in using your hands.

Next add jalapeƱos and knead together.

Add corn and knead together.

Add cheese and knead together.

Form your biscuits,

then slightly flatten

and place on lightly greased cookie sheet.

Cook 8-10 minutes till light golden brown on top.

Let cool, and enjoy!

Do you have a quick and easy breakfast recipe?

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Guide Central Makers Program Update

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Here's a update on how the GuideCentral Makers Program is going for me. Now going into my 8th month since joining back in March, and I love it.

It is a great community for sharing fun projects, and learning new things. You will find all kinds of tutorials from jewelry making, paper crafts, clay, crochet, recipes, and more.

As of now I have 29 guides published, and saved quite a few fun to do projects for later.

Back in April I was up to $53.52. Since then they have updated and made some changes. So not only do you make $7 on each guide published, but now you also earn an extra 5 cents when someone likes your guide. Doesn't sound like much, but the more you share the more likes you get, and you will see that extra 5 cents grow.

The picture above doesn't show the $53.52, because that was withdrawn before the site updates. My total earnings to this date are $173.12 , Not bad for something I love to do.

You not only make a little money for your tutorials publish, but they can continue making money by sharing and receiving likes. Plus every time someone looks at your profile they will see your blog address, and may become a new blog follower. It's a win win situation.

So if you love learning new things, and creating why not share your craft projects, and make a little extra cash while doing something you love.

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